Your Optimal Place

Excerpted from the forthcoming book Optimal Places to Live - Fun Spots to Visit by Al Louis Ripskis

Let's say that you're unhappy with your lifestyle or the place where you live.

     You might have looked for alternate locations to live, but may not have found anything substantially better to make it worthwhile uprooting. So now what? Give up and try to make the best of it? Withdraw into a personal cocoon and vegetate? Live in the virtual reality of cyberspace, computers, the Web and the mass media? Numb yourself with food, alcohol or other drugs?

     Not very attractive prospects! Certainly not if you’re a Proactor! For Proactors there is a much better alternative.

     In a nutshell: You get fully in touch with your passions and discover your dream. Then find others who share those passions and that dream. Finally form a select group, your Special Group for converting that dream into a lifestyle.

     It doesn’t matter what your dream may be – it can be anything, from setting up a soup kitchen for feeding the hungry, to running for a political office or arranging an expedition for locating a sunken Spanish treasure galleon. What’s crucial is that you tap into the passions of like-minded individuals and team up to form a mutually supportive, unique group, and design your own dynamic social setting and rich environment.

     To begin with you only need to find a few other Proactors who are as passionate about a particular activity or lifestyle as you are, and then bring it into being.

    Rather than describing the process, however, it's easier to illustrate it via the Verist Writers Network -- a group in process of being formed. If you're not a writer or have no aspirations of being one, that Web page may contain more than you ever wanted to know about writing. But bear with me. It illustrates the kind of comprehensive analysis you'll need to make and learn about the dynamics of group formation.

     After reading the Verist Writers Network Web site, if you decide to start your own select group, e-mail me the details on how it works out. If I include your experience in my book or Web site, I’ll send you an inscribed copy of one of my lifestyle books of your choice: Cutting Loose, Unlock Your Life or Optimal Places to Live.

--Al Louis Ripskis
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