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Dear Reader,
The best way to get acquainted with the criteria for a vibrant, healthy, fulfilling lifestyle, have fun in the process, and see how you stack up, is to rate your life below.
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Rate Your Life
        1. Have you found your dream life or your dream occupation? Or passions and hobbies that captivate you regularly for extended periods of time, giving you great satisfaction and flow experience? That can be anything, from pursuing the perfect wave in surfing to brain surgery. If you are living it, give yourself an A. For examples of "A" type lifestyles click here.
        2. Is your work rewarding and fulfilling? If you feel you would do it even if you werent paid, assign an A. A B if you are compensated adequately, but cant wait for retirement. A C to an E if your job is unfulfilling, stressful and not rewarding monetarily or psychologically. If you are already retired, rate A to E on how satisfying and fulfilling is your retirement life.
        3. Whatever life you're leading, what's the ratio of time you spend
    • Actively engaged: creating, producing, working, writing, painting;
    • Participatory, involved play and recreation; and
    • As passive, spectator and in escapist entertainment?
Give yourself an A if the ratio is 45 (Creating) : 45 (Active Recreation & Play) : 10 (Escaping). B if the ratio is 50 : 30 : 20.   C if it is 70 : 15 : 15 or 15 : 15 : 70.
        4. Are you choosing to be an open or a closed system? Do you regularly get out of your comfort zone? Go out of your way to meet people outside your social circle and status to get exposed to new lifestyles, activities and situations? And are you applying what you are learning to your daily life? If you are continuously changing, developing, growing, and doing things you havent done before, give yourself an A. Or if your life is largely on autopilot -- you're mostly going through the same routines, habits, games or life scripts -- give yourself anything from a B to an E.
        5. What existential position do you generally operate from? This is a forced choice: pick only one. Dont cop-out by rationalizing that you sometimes operate from different positions in different situations. We all do. But what is your dominant mode? Click on the next link for clarification. If you are a Proactor, give yourself an A; B if youre a Reactor; C, a Victim; and D, a Predator.
        6. Getting optimum stimulation? An A if you manage a satisfactory balance most of the time. A B to an E if you are either over stimulated and feel stressed out, or under stimulated and bored.
        7. Are you operating at your potential? Given your intelligence, talents and capabilities as well as your physical condition, guess-estimate at what percent of your potential you are functioning? An A if you feel you are operating close to your potential and B to an E if youre not.
        8. Your daily life maintenance activities: Do they enhance and prolong or shorten and diminish the quality and length of your life? If you normally get sufficient sleep, eat healthily, keep stress down, do at least 45 minutes of aerobic activities, have no more than 2 alcoholic drinks, and your Body Mass Index (BMI) is under 25 give yourself an A. If you are stressed out, smoke, have 3 or more drinks a day, your BMI is over 25, or participate in other high-risk activities, give yourself a B to an E.
        9. Finally, how happy are you with your life and the location where you live? Is this how you would like to live for the rest of your life? An A if your life is an exciting, stimulating adventure in an environment that feels like home. An E if it feels more like an exhausting, grinding, endless struggle, and a B to an D if its something in between.
        10. Have you largely mastered the art of relationships? If you have, give yourself an A. If you are in unsatisfactory, non-working or abusive relationships, or are seeking but haven't been able to sustain a lasting, vital, primary relationship, give yourself anything from a B to an E." If you havent been able to establish and maintain healthy, intimate, fulfilling and lasting relationships with humans, but instead have become fixated on pets, give yourself a D.

        To help you decide as to what changes you may like to make in your life, take another close look at the chapter summary of Unlock Your Life for the tools you may need to make the changes. Using the tools provided in Unlock Your Life and Cutting Loose, you should be able to make those changes effectively and painlessly.
       If you have any personal lifestyle questions, e-mail them to me at Ask the Lifestyle Expert. If they are of general interest, Ill respond to them in that column.
Al Louis Ripskis
Lifestyle Expert/SCORE Counselor
Copyright 2009 Al Louis Ripskis All rights reserved
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